All Youth Members are required to contribute to their Scouting experience through the payment of two seperate fees (marked with the ).

Annual Association Registration: Scouts Queensland require each youth member, young adult, leader and adult supporter to be registered, and place a membership fee (also known as a registration fee) per person covering one year.
They include all world scouting and national association fees which includes the levy for the eLearning system.

Renewal Fees (For existing Members - 01 April 2018 to 31 March 2019) - Current as at 29 November 2017:

Youth Member Number 1

Youth Member Number 2 (same family)

3rd & subsequent Youth Members (same family)

Please note: The family concession is only available on the renewal of annual membership fee for the second, third and subsequent registered financial youth members. In calculating eligibility for the family concession Adult Members, Rover Scouts and Youth Helpers who are not youth members in a section are not included.

Individual Groups will have their preferred method of payment for these fees.

Enrolment Fees (For new Members) - Current as at 29 November 2017:

New Youth Members will be required to pay an enrolment fee, consisting of a joining and membership fee. The fee payable is calculated from the date which is indicated on the A5 form in the field titled 'Date commenced with Group'. A Youth Member who withdraws from the Movement within six (6) weeks of enrolling is eligible for a refund. The application for a refund must be made in writing to the Branch Support Office within one (1) month of the Youth Member leaving.

October 2018

November 2018

December 2018

January 2019

February 2019

March 2019

Please see Part G (page 4) of the Youth Member Registration form for further information and options.

Group Fees: Individual Groups will charge a Group Fee, calculated on a weekly or Term basis.
These fees are used for each Section to purchase provisions and consumables, and for Group related expenses including (but not limited to) local Council rates, electricity and water, leader training, registration, insurances, equipment maintenance & purchases and building maintenance.

Individual Groups will have their preferred method of payment for these fees.


Youth members, young adults and Leaders are required to attend in full uniform, which includes section specific shirt, belt, scarf, woggle and enclosed shoes (unless otherwise advised for individual meetings). Uniform requirements are available from the Scouts Queensland website.

Please note the specific badge placement diagram for the Scout left sleeve: Scout Left Sleeve

Individual Groups may supply certain uniform items upon investiture.

All uniform items are available from the Scout Shop:

The Scout Shop

From Scouts Queensland: The style of clothing to be worn below the waist should be tailored slacks or skirt; however, the colour requirement is that these garments for all official occasions and functions should be sandstone.

These occasions are defined as: Awards Ceremonies e.g. Queen Scout's, BP Awards, Leader Awards etc.; Government House; ANZAC Day; Any public event; Jamborees, Moots, Ventures etc.; Interstate and overseas travel; Youth Forums and National Youth Council.

Navy blue, grey slacks, knee length shorts or skirts may be worn for Group meetings.
Neat, practical footwear is to be worn. Individual choice of black or brown shoes; boots or joggers.

All Members should dress appropriately for the type of activity in which they are participating.

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